There's no argument about it, the fit of your ski boots is arguably the single most important factor in the success of your skiing - your comfort, enjoyment and very much your rate of improvement.

Your boots need to fit.

Renting ski boots shouldn’t be like renting bowling shoes, but far too often that’s exactly how it is –“what’s your shoe size” (or if you’re lucky, measure one foot), and a pair of boots magically appears.

You will seldom really enjoy and certainly NEVER improve your skiing with boots delivered like this!

Traditionally, rental ski boots are more or less an afterthought. Cheap rental models, the widest models available so they are quick and easy-to-fit for any shape of foot.

If you’re lucky you will get one foot measured and a pair of boots handed to you, though probably at least one size bigger than they measure so it feels good in the shop.

If you’re are unlucky, the shop will just ask you your shoe size and hand you a pair of boots.

You put them on, they feel lovely and comfy in the shop because you’re not even touching the sides.

It’s not until you get onto the snow that you realise your feet are slopping about inside them with no hope of any precision or control. What’s worse your feet rub, your toes hurt, and your feet get cold.

Unfortunately, actual ‘bootfitting’ does not exist in a rental environment. This is because correct bootfitting is VERY, VERY complicated, takes time and there are very few experienced fitters around.

Bootfitting Process

At Snowberry it is very very different. Our boot-fitting is legendary, we pride ourselves on the quality of our boot-fitting and on the time and trouble we take to make sure everyone gets the RIGHT boots.

We've always been fanatical about bootfitting and our top bootfitters have many years of experience having fitted World Cup skiers and a multitude of pro skiers.

We can confidently say Snowberry are the only ski hire shop in the world to properly fit ski boots. Our whole detailed bootfitting procedure is explained below. No-one else does this.

Fitting Process

Snowberry has developed a unique process for fitting ski boots in rental. This process is based on exactly the same principles you would experience in one of the world’s leading retail fitting centres.

  • STEP 1
    Foot and lower limb analysis

    Exclusive to Snowberry

    A full 10 point analysis of both feet

  • STEP 2
    Boot model selection

    Exclusive to Snowberry

    an accurate and careful selection of the most suitable size and shape of boot model

  • STEP 3
    Personalised fitting

    Exclusive to Snowberry

    the personal fitting of the boot including tips on correctly clipping the boot up

Step 1 - Analysis Process

The first stage of your bootfit is a thorough examination of both feet to allow us to select the correct shell shape and boot model.

This involves is a unique 10 point analysis -

  • we assess your performance requirement
  • we measure the length of both feet
  • we measure the metatarsal width of both feet
  • we measure the instep height
  • we assess overall volume
  • we assess the arch type
  • we assess foot stability
  • we check the ankle area
  • we check the calf volume
  • we check the toebox shape
  • Step 2 - Model Selection

    Using the information gained from the foot analysis, we then select the most suitable shell / model shape from over 60 models of boots.

    This is the key to good boot fitting as it has the biggest effect on a skier’s ability to accurately control their skis, safely and in comfort.

    Wrong shell selection is the single biggest problem skiers have with rental boots.

    The information gained from your foot analysis enables us to select the most suitable boot from over 60 different models for adults and another 27 models for kids. The aim is to select the boot that best resembles the shape of your foot which will hold your foot firmly but comfortably.

    The key to good bootfitting is shell (model) selection. As every boot model varies in length, width, instep height, volume distribution, ankle and toebox areas, this is extremely difficult.

    Boot Examples

    With over 60 different adult boot models to select from, we are better placed than even the best of the technical sales bootfitting centres to fit your boots correctly.

    Step 3 - Our Fitting Process

    Very few skiers actually know how to put a ski boot on and clip it up correctly.

    For this reason, we personally fit every boot - opening the shell up, sliding the customers foot in and correctly clipping it up, explaining to each client the importance of doing it correctly - especially regarding comfort, boot performance, cold feet and safety issues regarding binding release.

    With a suitable boot model selected we now individually fit the boots for each client, demonstrating how to open the boot up, slip your foot in and correctly clip the boot up.

    Do not underestimate the importance of this process. Clipping your boot up correctly is an integral part of the bootfitting process.

    Clipping the boot up correctly sets the foot correctly in the boot, and believe it or not, improves your skiing performance and keeps your feet more comfortable and warmer.

    Example - Kastle FX 96 HP - but we have over 140 other models to choose from
    Example - Movement Revo 86 Ti - but we have over 100 other models to choose from
    Example - Salomon Rush SL - but we have over 140 other models to choose from
    Example - Kastle FX 95 - but we have over 80 other models to choose from
    Example - Movement Revo 86 Ti - but we have over 100 other models to choose from
    Example - Head iRace Team - but we have over 40 other models to choose from
    Example - Head iRace Team - but we have over 40 other models to choose from

    Overnight Equipment Storage

    No more lugging your skis or board back and forwards to the slopes every morning and evening, you can store them 'FREE' with us at either of our shops.

    Our ski storage service is a godsend for families with children, people staying a long way from the slopes, or just anyone who can't be bothered to carry their skis home.

    Please note that you can also store your boots at our Streetside shop, unfortunately this is not possible at our Slopeside shop due to lack of space.

    Please note that Equipment Storage is a Premium service and is not available for those renting ‘Low-Cost' equipment packs.

    Courtesy Transport

    “Traditionally”, you walk or get the bus to your chosen ski shop then lug all the kit back to the chalet yourself after you’ve been fitted for it. But have you ever thought, quite apart from the hassle, how much time it takes you to get there and back again with all your equipment?

    Why not take the easy way out?

    We have a full professional team of dedicated drivers and up to six vehicles operating all weekend with a transport co-ordinator organising it all. Just give us a ring when you arrive, and we will send a vehicle to collect you, bring you to the shop and take you back again at the end.

    Please note Courtesy Transport is available to and from our Slopeside location only due to parking restrictions etc at Streetside.

    The number to call is -

    06 16 28 50 08

    Please note that Courtesy Transport is a Premium service and is not available for those renting ‘Low-Cost' equipment packs

    Example - Rossignol React R2
    Example - Salomon S / Force 7
    Example - Salomon S / Force 9
    Example - Head Supershape iSpeed
    Example - Nordica Dobermann Spitfire SLR
    Example - Kastle FX 95 HP - but we have over 120 other models to choose from
    Example - Nordica Dobermann SLR RB FDT
    Example - Salomon S/Race Rush GS
    Example - Head Worldcup Rebels i.Race RP EVO14
    Example - Nordica Dobermann Spitfire 80 RB FDT
    Example - Kastle FX 96 HP
    Example - DPS Waller F106 C2
    Example - Head Framewall
    Example - Rossignol React R2
    Example - Rossignol React R2

    A new era in ski rental


    Who said ski hire should consist of:

  • waiting at a freezing cold bus stop to get to the hire shop
  • standing in a long queue waiting half an hour or more before anyone even approaches you and then not understanding a word they say
  • feeling disappointed and a bit cheated when you're handed a scratched up pair of skis that aren’t really what you wanted and have obviously seen better days
  • being asked your size and handed a pair of boots as if you were at the local bowling alley
  • being told it's a busy week so your 5 year old can't have a helmet
  • hardly being able to ski at all because the boots you are given are actually 2 sizes bigger than your feet
  • asking to change your skis and being told that will cost 15 euros extra, or even worse just that they have no skis left so you can't change at all
  • being served by a spotty 18 year old who seems to know a lot less about skis and skiing than you do
  • Not at Snowberry!

    We've looked at all of this, and everything else, that's wrong with the way ski hire has "traditionally" been done and then looked at how it SHOULD be done. And that's what you will find at Snowberry.

    Elsewhere you pay the same price whether you're one of the lucky ones who gets one of the very few pairs of new skis or one of the unlucky ones who gets kit that's a long way past its sell by date. We don't think that's fair!

    We believe if you want new skis you should be able to book them and be guaranteed to get them, and if you are prepared to compromise on older skis you should get a cheaper price - so that's the way we do it.

    Likewise, with boots and bootfitting, we're horrified how little importance (none!) other shops place on getting it right. It's quite simple, if your boots are wrong you might as well forget it! With other shops, if you're lucky they just might measure the length of your feet but many don't even bother with that.

    At Snowberry we carry out a full eight point, four dimensional foot analysis, and that's before we use our expertise to select not just the right size but the right shape as well from our range of over 60 different boot models.

    On top of that there's our fantastic staff (almost 400 season's of experience between us), our two huge and superbly-located shops and all of our unique, innovative and exclusive "Snowberry Extras" designed to make your ski hire experience - and your whole holiday - as perfect as possible.

    Ski shops are NOT all the same.

    Snowberry is widely regarded as one of the best ski hire shops in the world and for good reason. At Snowberry we have always specialized JUST in rental and we're passionate about making the whole rental experience as great as it can be. Over the years we have taken the whole concept of ski hire back to the drawing board and re-designed it bit by bit.

    Boots & Bootfitting

    Equipment Age

    Choice of Equipment

    Of course our equipment is what it's really all about, and we certainly believe that it's our job and our responsibility to make sure you get the very best and most suitable equipment for your time on the slopes.

    Once again we've bought way more rental kit than any other shop in town - in fact probably more than most of them put together.

    We don't buy cheap rental versions. We don't put intermediate skis in our advanced categories to keep our costs down. We don't window dress with a few shiny, new skis which hardly anyone is ever going to get. And we don't buy second rate brands that no-one every heard of or chain store own brand models either.

    Nor do we mislead you by telling you our skis are "top quality", "recent", "high end" or whatever. And we certainly don't con you by showing you pictures of the latest models and hiding "or similar" in the small print only for you to find that the "similar" model you are give on arrival is nothing like the ski you hoped for in style, quality or age. Ok, it has a bendy bit at the front and a bit you stick your feet in the middle, but that's where the similarity ends!

    Rent from Snowberry and we give you the choice of this season's new skis, last season's ones or our two season old budget kit - STILL newer and in better condition than the stuff you will end up with from a lot of shops in town. YOU choose how old your skis are, and the price of course matches!